23 - 25 Aug 2013


By: Lim Shenji

In conjunction of its latest CSR initiative, ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. held a tree planting activity in the forest reserves of Sabah Forestry Development Authority (SAFODA). An unfortunate event struck ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. shortly before the tree-planting event, when Mr. Liew Bin Nan, an employee at the company was killed in a road accident. Despite such tragedy, the company continued its tree planting event while vowing to reserve a special moment of silence and tribute to the late Mr. Liew. With 28 of ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.’s staff, comprising over 90% attending, we successfully carried out the event on 24th August 2013.

With a friendly reception by the courteous staff of SAFODA’s Eco Forest Park, a demonstration on tree planting was provided by the park’s staff. This was followed by a speech by Imuta san, the Managing Director of ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in regards to the company’s endorsement on this tree-planting activity. A eulogy and a moment of silence for the late Mr. Liew Bin Nan were also held at the event; flowers were placed at a special tree planted beforehand, in memory of the late Mr. Liew.

Shortly after that, tree planting activity officially commenced, and the participating employees were separated into different groups where they were then assigned to a particular planting zone. The scorching heat and the uneven and dangerously steep terrain of the park exacerbated the difficulty of the tree planting activity. It was not surprising that some of the participants slipped and fell while planting the tree saplings. Furthermore, as the tree planting areas of the park were thorn-ridden, the participants also suffered from minor cuts. Nevertheless, we persevered through as we were determined to finish planting the required number of trees. Every participant demonstrated admirable corporate spirit and teamwork with staff from one group helping other groups with their tree planting tasks.

Overall, ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.’s tree planting activity at SAFODA Eco Forest Park was a major success. We did not only learn how to appreciate and preserve Sabah’s tropical beauty  but we also received a great physical work out and fostered greater ties with their colleagues in the process.

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