16 Dec 2017


In conjunction with the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Japan, ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn Bhd took the opportunity to establish a cultural exchange platform between two countries by organizing batik coloring and origami paper folding sessions for forty-six orphans in the city center of Kuala Lumpur on the 16th of December 2017. The forty-six orphans were from a shelter home called Pusat Jagaan Titian Kaseh and they age between seven to fourteen years old.

The children were taught how to make basic hand-drawn batik and they learned the proper techniques of colouring the batik from professional instructors of Batik Conlay. ITOCHU Malaysia’s General Manager of Administration division, Ms. Kaori Matsui led the origami session and was assisted by the committed and united staff of ITOCHU Malaysia in preparing more than a thousand pieces of paper crane called “Senbazuru”.

Senbazuru is an ancient Japanese legend which revolves around the reward of any wish granted by the Gods to the those who folded a thousand origami paper cranes. Some also believe that one shall be bestowed with happiness, eternal good luck and even healthy longevity instead of just one wish.

After the cultural exchange session, the orphans had the opportunity to explore the Art Craft Museum before heading for lunch at Mc Donald’s.

While enjoying lunch at Mc Donald’s , the orphans were entertained and they were given the opportunity to play some table games as a reward for their hard-work during the batik colouring and origami folding sessions earlier on. The appearances and participation of famous McDonalds’ mascots like Ronald Mc Donald’s and Hamburger also brighten the atmosphere. A total of five orphans who produced the most beautiful batik have been selected to receive consolation prizes. The ceremony ended with a closing speech and prize presentation by ITOCHU Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr Atsushi Nakamura. The joyful smiles and laughter’s of the orphans brighten the faces of the staff from ITOCHU Malaysia.

Overall, ITOCHU Malaysia was very pleased to hear that the orphans will sell their batiks which they made during the CSR activity in order to generate extra income. The “Senbazuru” had been placed at the entrance of the orphans’ shelter home as an unforgettable memento and ITOCHU Malaysia sincerely hopes that whatever wish they prayed for will eventually come true.

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