Foods Department

ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.'s Fresh Foods Department handles the trading of imported potatoes, animal feed, fishmeal, food ingredients and poultry.

Potatoes and Fresh Meat

Our imported potatoes in trade are sourced from Australia where ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and ITOCHU Australia work closely together in the procurement of high quality Australian potatoes. The potatoes that are currently sourced from Australia consist of Atlantic Variety, Pike and Russet Burbank.

ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is committed in ensuring that the potatoes received by their customers are in excellent condition and quality. In order to ensure such commitment, ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and ITOCHU Australia only receive potatoes shipped in refrigerated containers.

Besides potatoes, ITOCHU is also involved in the fresh meat trade. The fresh meat trade at ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. revolves around fresh and processed pork meat.

Feed and Fishmeal

The animal feed in trade comprises corn and soya been feed. Our corn feed is sourced from Pakistan while our soya bean feed is obtained from China.

ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is also involved in the buying and selling of DDGS (Distillers Dried Grain with Soluble). ITOCHU Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is connected with suppliers of DDGS from the United States which is the world’s biggest DDGS supplier.

In addition to both corn and soya bean feed, we supply fishmeal. Our fishmeal is sourced from Vietnam with crude protein ranging from 50% to 60%.

Food ingredients are also included in ITOCHU’s food trading portfolio. The food ingredients that are traded consist of sugar, coconut powder and milk powder.