General Merchandise Department

Pulp, Paper & Hygiene Section

The pulp, paper and hygiene industry comprises companies that use wood as raw material and produce pulp, paper, board, other cellulose-based products and hygiene products.

Sack Kraft Paper – Paper mills produce a wide spectrum of kraft and recycled products ranging from containerboard, including liner and medium, to kraft papers, saturating kraft and folding carton board.

Fluff Pulp – Supply a full line of fluff and paper and tissue pulp produced at mills around the globe. These pulps are used worldwide to produce printing and writing papers, tissue and toweling, packa ging, and absorbent hygiene products. The division sells over one million tonnes of pulp per year.

Super Absorbent Polymer – Super Absorbent Polymer "AQUA KEEP" - Water absorbent materials, which has the ability to absorb water, is utilized for Disposable diapers, Baby diapers, Sanitary napkins, Incontinent pad.

Unbleached Kraft Pulp – Unbleached Radiata Pine Pulp, used for the production of wide variety of specialty products, such as packaging, fiber cement.